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Women and Girls

​We are very passionate about the treatment of women in mental health. There are certain biological, environmental, and psychosocial challenges that relate to gender.

Children & Teens

We provide a safe, validating space where children learn to regulate their emotions, gain confidence, and learn coping skills to challenge any negativity.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing refers to assessment of an individual’s functioning in different core areas, which is then used to guide treatment and inform diagnoses.

Families and 

Completing therapy

together as a family can be effective in addressing communication issues, divorce, setting boundaries, and forgiveness.

We have therapists licensed in New York, North Carolina, Texas, Florida and Connecticut*

*Therapist availability varies, Telehealth only in FL.

Meet our team

Mary Tate, LCSW

Founder & CEO

Anthea Malone, M.A., PsyD

Anthea Malone, M.A, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Raydale Soman, LCSW

Raydale Soman, LCSW

Senior Psychotherapist