Are you sick of dating guys who suck?
Wish that dates were as fun as girls nights?
Ready to learn from your past?
Ready to swap funny date stories?
Not really into therapy but would like some help with living the single life?
Want to make sure that post-covid dating is all on YOUR terms?
Mary Tate, LCSW - Singles of the City Support Group

Mary Tate, LCSW

Mary is the founder of Tate Psychotherapy, a boutique private practice that specializes in the mental health treatment of women. Mary has helped many women through break-ups, divorce, low self esteem and feelings of helplessness surrounding finding love.


This support group is her love letter to all of the amazing women who have not yet discovered their inner-Beyoncé.

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Elizabeth Tullis S-MFT

Elizabeth has her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and specializes in working with teens and women. Elizabeth loves creating spaces for her clients to feel safe, seen, and equipped to tackle issues like anxiety, body image, friendship struggles, depression, and self-esteem. Elizabeth loves groups because of how powerful they are in allowing members to know they are far from being alone in their struggles. We are so excited to have you join us!

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The deets:

Open to all single gals.

Must be 18 or older.

We are based in NYC, but you can join from anywhere!

8 weeks

Every Thursday

Starting October 1, 2020


(Week of Thanksgiving skipped) 

Structured Curriculum: We address the top 8 factors that keep you from meeting your dream man. (Hint: This has a lot to do with self-love.)

​Themed Nights: DIY facemask night! 

Limited Space: To keep the group small and intimate.

Register now!

Full series $480 

Payment plans available! 

First 10 gals to sign up get a single girl swag kit in the mail