Out of Network Benefits

There are multiple ways that you can file out of network claims. The first way is to contact the number on the back of your insurance card and ask them where you can find the out of network benefit claim submission form. Each insurance is different but most companies have the form conveniently online for you to download.

Another option is an app called Reimbursify. The app is set up for anyone to easily submit claims to insurance themselves. If you would like to submit your claims via Reimbursify, please use the box below to set up your account and file your first claim. You can also download their phone app for easy claim submission.

Once you notify us that you are using out of network benefits, we will send you monthly superbills that you can use to submit your reimbursements.

If you have any questions regarding your benefits, please email billing@tatepsychotherapy.hush.com.

If you have issues with Reimbursify, please email hello@reimbursify.com.